Tips to Dealing with Casino Personnel and Surveillance

Surveillance is a dangerous reality in the casinos. It doesn’t matter whether you are a blackjack card counter, craps shooter or video poker king. Casinos hate smart gamblers and don’t like having them around.

To keep these pests at bay, casino personnel are trained to watch out for and identify rogue players. Follow these tips to avoid getting into trouble with them.

– Be friendly with the casino personnel.

The main advantage you gain here is you will look more like an ordinary gambler than a card counter or other advantage player. Card counters are expected to be paranoid and wary of casino employees, so if you chat with them and show them respect, you make them less suspicious of you.

– Be vigilant when playing high-advantage games.

One fact that blackjack card counters and other advantage players overlook is this: When a casino offers “full-pay” games with juicy options and a low house edge, they watch these games VERY closely. That means there is more surveillance going on around these games than the rest. Why? Because they know these are where the card counters and other advantage players will be at.

– Tip the dealers and waitresses.

By tipping, you not only help a low-wage worker earn more bread, you can also win them to your side. A dealer who plans on reporting you to get a promotion may change their mind if you tip them generously. Make sure that the dealers and the rest of the casino personnel get to like you.

– Ask for comps.

Ordinary gamblers who are not hoping to make big money will want to take advantage of free stuff. By asking for comps, you act like an average player.

– Change your playing schedule.

Blackjack card counters and other advantage players have a systematic approach to their gambling. They also have a set schedule. Change your playing times if you can as it would make you look more ordinary. You also avoid casino personnel who may be getting familiar with you.

– Mind your hands!

Beware of making signals to your fellow players. Surveillance cameras record gamblers’ actions and any suspicious gestures would make you suspect.

– Don’t show how paranoid you are.

If you turn your head when you hear whispers or a phone ringing, that’s a sign of “guilt.” Pretend to ignore it. Wear sunglasses. RELAX.

– Leave on the first sign of trouble.

When you see surveillance persons making calls while looking at you, or if they follow you around, get ready. They are probably reporting you already. When they start harassing you or pestering you while you’re playing, it is a sure sign that you’ve been found out. Leave the tables and don’t look back.

– If you get caught, do only one thing: LEAVE.

Once you’re caught, the game is over. Take your chips and go. Do not try to change their minds by explaining or feigning ignorance. Casino personnel have heard every excuse in the world and there is nothing you can do to change their minds. Besides, you do not want to provoke them by being violent or argumentative. You are in “enemy” territory; you can’t win.

Dealing with casino personnel and surveillance gadgets are a part of the blackjack card counter’s life. It is a reality for all advantage players. But look at it as a challenge. Besides, there will always be another casino!

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