UK Move into Online Casino Territory

In a move that is likely to greatly offend conservatives both in the United Kingdom and the United States, the UK government has decided to finally pull the plug on its de facto prohibition of online casinos. The first online casino will be coming online in just a short while and because of that the United Kingdom has joined a Europe-wide movement that really seems to be heading in the direction of online casinos specifically and online gambling in general.

The European Union has already overturned bans on online gambling that have been made by member nations, the most celebrated of which was an overturning of a ban that had worked its way through the German legislature and even been ratified at the level of the German Supreme Court before being overturned by the supreme court within the European Union. Within its member nations however, there have been moves by places such as France and Ireland towards online gambling as a staple of the economy and of course within the United Kingdom there have always been online sports betting services offered in lieu of a ban on online gambling. Well, now the UK Gambling Commission has licensed its first online casino and because of that the UK has joined the ranks of countries that see online gambling as an activity that should be completely legal.

The company that will be responsible for the online gambling operations for this casino is Chartwell Technology Incorporated. Chartwell has long been known as a company of great reputability within casino circles and in particular they have been known for their technological prowess when it comes to the creation of remote systems to be used in land-based casino operations. Now, it appears as though Chartwell is going to get the opportunity to express their excellence in the online forum and with that expertise riding on the first online casino operation based in the United Kingdom, it appears as though their debut is going to be one of great importance to the online gambling industry as a whole. In particular, this will likely allow a lot of companies to leave their headquarters in Gibraltar and come to the United Kingdom, although the migration (if it occurs at all), will likely take awhile to come forward.

In this particular endeavor, Chartwell will be providing the technology for IG Group Holdings. They are a company that owns the famous sportsbook Extrabet and they operate multiple sports betting agencies that can be reached through conventional landlines or the internet. This will represent their first serious foray into the world of online casino gaming and for this reason they will be joining Chartwell in the creation of this little bit of history. People that are interested in learning about the progression of the project can go through Chartwell (main office located in Canada) or through Extrabet (main office located in the United Kingdom). You can alternatively keep your eyes peeled to the newscast as more information will be shared when it becomes available a few months down the road.

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