Which poker to play

Still undecided which to play – real money poker or play money poker? If you are still clueless on which type of poker game play will suit you, then this might help you make your mind up.

Play money poker is better for anyone who is just beginning to learn the very basics of poker, like hand ranking, folding, calling and checking. It would not be wise to play real money poker at this stage because you are at a great disadvantage. While you’re still at the getting-used-to level of poker know-how, your opponents will tear you apart and bleed you for all your money.

Once you know for sure that you have mastered the fundamentals of poker, you can now move on to real money poker. Real money poker is better for anyone who seeks to learn the more advanced and more complicated dynamics of poker. This is where you really learn how to bluff, for example. There are stakes in real money poker, some players will be more aggressive than before, while others will suddenly feel fear, fear of losing money, that is, fear which was not there in play money poker. Thus, real money poker, exposes you for what kind of poker player you really are. Real money poker separates the thinkers from the just plain lucky ones. There will be more pressure. It will be much harder to decide. Thus, you become more careful and strategic in real money poker. If you value your money that is.

However, finding people who will play poker with you for play money is never an easy job. There are only a few poker players who would agree to such arrangement. Even your own friends and relatives might turn down your invitation. This is because they find play money poker to be boring. It does not have the excitement and pressure real money poker has. But looking for play money poker, however hard, is not impossible. Online poker sites graciously offer play money poker. Play money poker proves to be more available online than in live action. It is really easier to find places where real money poker is than play money poker.

Obviously, real money poker and play money poker have their own advantages and disadvantages over one another. To say which is better of the two as a whole is difficult. It all goes down to which poker play suits a player. Study their differences well before deciding on your own.

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